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With 6 facilities, including the now famous MontLégia, outdoor polytechnics, retirement homes and a daycare, the CHC group is a key player in the Liège healthcare landscape and one of the largest employers in the area.

/ 01 The request

Analysis of data and traffic on a website with a view to redesigning it for a large Walloon hospital group.

The creation of a website is almost like a real construction site, where every detail counts: not only does the website need to be easily found when performing a search, but it is capital to ensure an optimal navigation for all visitors. Responsive design is absolutely required in a world where people use computers, tablets, smartphones and other connected devices.

This is why the CHC group has entrusted us with the responsibility of preparing all the needs of their future website before it is created.

The request: CHC

Everything was carefully analysed before thinking about the future website, especially user behaviour, in order to better understand the future website visitor and how to communicate with them.

Thanks in particular to Google Analytics, we were able to analyse the use of the website in depth. Efficiency and accessibility had to be carefully implemented: health is not a joke. We then collaborated with the CHC webdesigners to design the wireframe as well as with the developers in charge of setting the designers' creation.

Result CHC

/ 03 The results

Needless to say, the result was amazing!

The creation of the site was a walk in the park, thanks to a real synergy between the CHC group, its various service providers and us.


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