Reach out to your current and future fans 

Mastering social networks is quite a job. And it's ours.

From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn, we practice this art day after day and know all the best practices to get you a qualitative audience likely to buy your products, choose your services or join your company.

Let’s follow each other!

Blue thumbs please

Your company deserves to have a finely thought-out social network strategy based on the medium, target, objective and budget. That's why we always think about a clear strategy to get results, whether through publications or targeted advertising via Facebook Ads in particular. We also offer to draw up communication plans and user guides allowing you to post independently in the short, medium or long term.

The important thing is to tell your story well.

Did you know that 7.5 million Belgians are present on social networks and that they spend an average of 1h36 every day on them? Social networks are more than just sharing photos of cats. Facebook knows you better than your own family, social networks are an important advertising medium to reach your prospects.

Our expertise covers :

  • 01/

    Analyzing your communication or advertising on social networks

  • 02/

    Defining a social network strategy according to your objectives (notoriety, conversion, recruitment, ...)

  • 03/

    Drafting guidelines of good practice for your networks

  • 04/

    Managing your communication on Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn

  • 05/

    Supporting your team in its management of social networks

  • 06/

    Creating and configurating your advertising campaigns via Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads

  • 07/

    Benchmarking and analyzing your competitors' digital communication

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