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Abrisud is the European leader in the construction and installation of swimming pool enclosures and that's no small feat: 1 out of 2 enclosures has been manufactured by the brand!

/ 01 The request


Complete digital strategy around social networks and Google Ads for Europe's No. 1 swimming pool cover manufacturer.

Before getting involved in the project, the entire communication was managed by the French head office for all of Europe.

Concerned about being independent and communicating with the specificities of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg in mind, Abrisud needed a partner to ensure its presence on social networks and optimise it over time.

At the same time, Abrisud was eager to increase its number of prospects through Google Ads campaigns linked to their product catalog.

The request: Abrisud Benelux

In this partnership, where almost everything was created from scratch, we took over the entire management and communication on their different pages (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) in order to create long-term strategies and thus guarantee relevance and continuity, an image that matches the quality of the product and continuous customer acquisition.

We also created and optimised all Google Ads ads, Abrisud's main customer acquisition tool.

The output is a real cross strategy between Google Ads and social networks focused on awareness and customer acquisition.

Result Abrisud Benelux

/ 03 The results

Social networks, the various Google Ads campaigns and the global digital strategy have enabled Abrisud to halve the price per lead and increase leads by +43.05% compared to their 2019 figures.

We have also lowered the cost of advertising and the annual budget by making it more effective. We don't have a margin on the invested budget, which makes sense here.

That's a huge leap forward for the brand in the Benelux and for us, it's a real pleasure to dive into Abrisud’s world!

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