Google Ads

Reach out to who’s looking for you

Digital advertising is one of the indispensable tools in any marketing strategy.

Make your services or products known by appearing on keywords defined in Google search, broadcast visual advertisements on other websites, give a boost to your videos on Youtube.

Transparency and efficiency

The classified ads have changed a lot

Whether on specific keywords on the Google search page through paid referencing, on banners on other websites or before/during a video on Youtube, your advertising campaigns are broadcast where your prospects are.

We support you in your digital advertising, in all transparency. Your Google Ads account? It is entirely yours, so you keep an eye on your business and are never bound to anything. What's more, we don't take commissions on your campaign spending, so we never push you to spend more than you need.

Make room in your agenda, the conversion will happen.

SEA is an acronym for "Search Engine Advertising" and is also known as paid referencing. It refers to the use of commercial or advertising links on search engines. Within the framework of SEA, advertising space is mainly bought at auction and performance per click by targeting very precise queries using keywords. Our favourite tool? Google Ads (or Google Adwords as we used to say in 2015) which allows us to broadcast ads on Google Search but also banners on other websites or video ads on Youtube.

Our expertise covers :

  • 01/

    The analysis of your accounts & campaigns (if you already have any)

  • 02/

    A complete advertising strategy in terms of brand awareness, lead generation or remarketing

  • 03/

    The creation of ads for Google Search, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Bing Ads, Waze & Youtube

  • 04/

    Setting up advertising campaigns with audience settings

  • 05/

    A full analysis of the results

  • 06/

    Continuous optimisation

Qu'est-ce que le Google Partners ?

Google Partner

Grâce à nos compétences et notre expérience, Google itself nous a demandé de devenir partenaire. Bon, on vous fait aller… Par contre, nous sommes vraiment Google Partner mais après avoir répondu à des critères pointus comme avoir un taux d’optimisation minimal de 70%, dépenser un minimum de 10.000$ par mois à travers les comptes ou avoir minimum 50% des gestionnaires de comptes certifiés Google Ads…

La plus grosse plus-value Google Partner, c’est assurer à nos clients une maîtrise complète des différents outils que Google propose pour son volet publicitaire en ligne. Nous restons toujours sur la brèche pour vous offrir un service sur-mesure qui répond aux besoins de vos campagnes !

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