Google Tag Manager
& Data Studio

Guiding you through each step

Collecting data and decrypting them is a big deal. These are however essential steps to determine the success of your current and future campaigns.

Thank to our expertise, we will study your audience while analysing their behavior on your web pages... and give you tools to understand them in real time!

From digital strategy to the deployment of your campaigns, you know you can trust a premium partner guding you through each step.

Let’s kick off the analysis

Tracking to get it all

Thanks to Tag Manager and our know-how, we can easily set up web tags to follow the interactions of your audience with major elements of your pages. We then analyse your audience's behavior through a link with Google Analytics.
Number of sessions and or visitors, rebound rate, devices, CPA, CPC... Many KPI's are within your reach : we structure them in order to help you draw the accurate conclusions.

With the help of Google Data Studio, you will be able to follow conversions online and in realtime thanks to personalized dashboards, according to criteria wish we choose together.

As digital marketeers giving you full transparency, we provide an exclusive access to your own Data Studio Dashboard. You will have a complete view on what has been setup and the amount spent... Doubled with a regular reporting interpretation operated by our specialists, you will be able to get more from all the data you gather.

Our expertise covers :

  • 01/

    The creation & configuration of your Google Tag Manager

  • 02/

    The complete or partial tagging blueprint

  • 03/

    Tag activation according to the plan

  • 04/

    Result analysis

  • 05/

    The delivery of a complete reporting dashboard

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